Sean Combs Doesn’t Need To Ask Anyone For Anything

If you want to get to the studio at Sean Combs’s house, pass the purple Anish Kapoor sculpture, then saunter into the living room, stopping to marvel at Kerry James Marshall’s “Past Times,” a startling painting reckoning with Blackness, wealth and leisure that Combs bought at auction in 2018 for $21.1 million.

Next, glide through a conspicuously undisturbed dining room, where Jeanneret chairs are lined up like sentries on either side of a long table, step out into the backyard and head left, past the generous pool, into one of the secondary structures on the property. Upstairs there one Tuesday afternoon last month, Combs was pacing a tasteful, lounge-like room and chatting on speakerphone to Funkflex, the longstanding master of ceremonies for New York’s Hot 97 radio station, spreading the good word about his return to music.

September 12, 2023